Will IOT Be Used To Protect The Environment?

When you hear about IOT, you may think that it is just another marketing buzzword. In fact, it is a technological revolution that is currently changing the way the world works. IOT will also be implemented in high-tech city planning to make your civilization even more environmentally friendly. It is even estimated that the usage of IOT technologies can mitigate the environmental impact of humans by 16.5% by 2020.

Microchips are becoming smaller and energy efficient so that they can be seamlessly deployed within all parts of our lives. Also, thanks to more efficient batteries, IOT devices, and sensors deployed in smart cities can last for long periods of time before the need to be recharged or serviced. These chips will be implanted into various devices and will have an internet connection to communicate with each other.

IOT can be applied in devices for just about any government function to make it run more efficiently. With sensors being deployed in every part of the city, an IOT network can monitor environmental changes so that it can be mitigated. These sensors may also be deployed in parks and rural areas to monitor sensitive parts of nature.

The availability of networks available in rural areas is increasing rapidly. Remote parts of nature may now be connected to the IOT grid thanks to the vast deployment of GPRS mobile technology. Fitness and hiking trails may now be cleaner for us to enjoy as well as protected areas for the animals to enjoy.

A big breakthrough for urban environments would be the ability to monitor air pollution levels from IOT sensors. Buoy’s with these same sensors may also be deployed in the sea to monitor levels of pollution in the water. Power grids may also be connected to the network so that smarter energy production may be planned to offset its impact on the environment.

IOT within smart cities may also have applications for mitigating traffic. Sensors on the roads and street lights may be able to forecast traffic within certain parts of days. Imagine if the IOT system can send alerts to drivers’ phones so that they may take alternative routes or even carpool to reduce the load on the road.

In India, they are testing out smart cities to increase waste management in some of the worst parts of the country. IoT devices may be able to increase the efficiency of waste collection by keeping drivers on the path and alerting them of missed collection areas.



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