Top 5 Hacks To Healthy Weight Loss


If you live in the western part of the planet, then chances are that you have difficulty maintaining a weight that is considered healthy and conducive to good health as the years pass by. What then do experts recommend as a proper eating style?


One factor worth considering is that not every human body is created equal. We all have different set points in which our body burns a certain amount of calories. In short, we all have different metabolisms.

It seems that many people simply like to eat what they want to eat, how they want to prepare it and when they choose to eat. Well, some may take issue with this mindset, but we’ll cover several hacking tips that will help catapult your weight loss to within safe levels.


Our article below covers some common denominators of a healthy pattern of eating for everyone.


Check Your Portion Size Of Food


It may seem a hard fact to swallow, pardon our pun, but in reality, size does indeed matter in counting calories. One problem with portion control of food, is that, simply put, who wants to bother weighing their portion on a tiny scale? Furthermore, who wants to stay chained to a little booklet which specifies the portion one should eat.


However, there are certain things that we can do in keeping a reasonably adequate amount of food in our stomachs and still feel satisfied.


– Start by eating smaller portions of food to satisfy your hunger and not to satisfy your eyes.


– Learn the lost art of “listening to your body.” What is it that your body feels like having, and then determine how much to eat to satisfy your hunger.


– Try sharing your food with a friend or relative. Only eat half the food on a plate and not all of it. That said, discipline your body to eat on smaller plates.


– Try eating the topping only of one slice of pizza and not the two slices of dough included.


Reducing Your Calorie Intake


Reducing your 2,000 calories a day, which are burned by your metabolism and forcing them down to let’s say, 1,500 calories a day will count towards your ideal level of weight.


If a sweet tooth is your downfall, then, simply reduce the amount of sugar or honey by half.


Eat Slowly, Very Slowly, And Take Smaller Bites


Losing weight is not for the faint-hearted; however, if you take time to slow down and eat small bites of let’s say, a piece of pastry, your metabolism and digestion both will have time to do their work more efficiently. In addition, eating will become more enjoyable when you don’t have to worry about what you cannot eat.


Be Diligent To Remind Yourself


Even if you have to post this article to your kitchen refrigerator door, do it! Memorize it until all of the above hacks become second nature to you. Remind yourself to set a goal for yourself. How many pounds do you want to lose by a certain date; then stick to your goals.


Beware of the insidious little foxes that spoil your vine: don’t eat as a habit when watching television or working at your computer desk.


Having Said All The Above


Now, to be honest with you, our reader, it must be said that there are many good eating plans out in the market that help lose weight. However, not all are good nor are they good and appropriate for your body type. It’ll take practice, diligence and perseverance to find the right one that works best for you and your lifestyle.


However, never faint in your efforts for there is one system out there that does work wonderfully well with all body types, and that system is Nutrisystem for men.


Designed by professional dietitians, this system guarantees the proper amount of nutrients, plenty of lean protein meats, high fiber foods to help satisfy your appetite, majors on low-glycemic carbs to help stabilize your blood sugar and has no artificial sweeteners. Also available is the safe and nutritious “Nutrisystem Plan D” that enables Type 2 Diabetes patients control over their dietary needs.


This 28-day pre-paid meal plan, it gets delivered right to your door in convenient packages.



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