The Way Mobile Devices Will Be Used in The Coming ‘Internet of Things’

If you have been following along on the current trendy topic the ‘Internet of Things’ you have probably wondered about the relationships that smartphones and other mobile technology will have in the coming decades as all of the “things” that will make up this interconnected web of electronic communication get put on the market and begin to be used by the mainstream. Well, smartphones and other mobile devices are actually one big half of the equation because in order to make all of devices around us “smart” devices you just need to put sensors in them to collect information and pair them with a smartphone app that can interpret the data.

Some Examples of How Mobile Devices Will be Used
One of the “things” being manufactured right now are tires that have embedded technology so that an app can tell you when the tire pressure is too low or too high, or when the tires are worn and need to be replaced. But embedding the sensors in the tires isn’t really a technical challenge. The technology to do this has been on the market for decades but the real challenge will be creating the programs that will interpret that data and improving on the future technology so that it performs better.
Light bulbs are another new product that is on the market with new smart technology embedded in them. New light bulb technology will allow us to control the lighting in our home from our smartphone and be able to choose intensity, on and off and have a number of other features that will work with the application that controls them.

There is the potential for many more “things” to be controlled by your mobile device. Home security has already been available as a smartphone app for a while, but what is coming is even better security that will let you know instantly if something is wrong and where.

Smartphones could also be used to control your car in the near future. Imagine getting into the back seat of your car and using your smartphone to start your car and tell it where to go using GPS and sensors that are already in place on public roads combined with your own car’s sensors. Smartphones will control not only the car, but also all of the convenience and entertainment devices in your car. You can even use your mobile device to order and pay at Starbucks so you can just pick up your coffee and run.



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