OneLogin Clears Up How SSO is Improving Organizations’ Operations

Modern identity management needs demands that for enterprise identity and access management (IAM) to succeed, systems need to have robust, single sign-on (SSO) capacity. Increasingly, countless internal and external users need access to cloud-based applications from multiple devices in different locations, putting a strain on IT departments.

For an organization that uses different apps to improve operational efficiency, ensuring that each is up and running well can be a nightmare. Ensuring that each team gets security clearance and gets on board fully, might actually limit the number of apps used for operations due to the time taken. But with SSO, all these activities get streamlined, even reducing the time that would have been spent calling the help desk. SSO helps to improve an enterprise’s IAM for efficient operations. Having a good SSO plan directly impacts the productivity of an organization. Learn how:

Versatility is key

When your employees need to access cloud-based tools for work, having centralized IAM is the best option. Otherwise, logging manually into individual services takes a lot of time. This could impact an organization’s productivity negatively, observes professionals from OneLogin, a leading company in SSO solutions. Organizations that have an SSO plan like Okta make it easy for users to access all their applications in their application network easily, using any device and from any location. OneLogin says that a single login is enough for the users, effectively eliminating the need for password resets and manual log-ins.

Work better assured of your network security

Real-time user activity is also easy to identify through SSO. IT teams can tell the time of access and users who accessed applications. This way, it is easy to safeguard the integrity of an organization’s IAM security. The experts from OneLogin advise that teams can use a real-time system log to further secure IAM. SSO can also help reduce security risks such as data breach by disabling user account access on devices mobile devices. In the event an employee loses a device, the teams will be equipped to stem any breach of data.

Allow the right people access

When companies need to restrict access to some documents or applications while still maintaining an air of transparency, OneLogin advises that SSO is the best tool to use. In-built compliance reporting in many enterprise IAM solutions helps to give access to the right staff only. An organization, therefore, can grant access and resources to employees based on the hierarchy structure for instance. Also, each employee can see their access restriction making it a transparent procedure.

Focus on productivity

The single authentication provided by SSO solutions simplifies procedures and helps your team to be more productive in other areas. Productivity is unarguably one of the main focuses of an organization. A single sign in could be the first step towards this. OneLogin observes that streamlined operations free your IT team to focus on how to secure and run operations efficiently in the organization. Maximum time ends up being spent on what matters most to the organization. SSO could be the best solution for your organization. Learn how SSO can work for your organization through easy steps.



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