Jason Hope Introduces The Internet Of Things And Explains Its Potential In His New Amazon E-Book

A new e-book from Jason Hope is now available for download on Amazon. The book is titled “Understanding the Internet of Things Revolution: A Quick Guide for Thriving in the IoT Era.” Hope decided to give the powerful book a modest price to ensure that anyone who wants to take advantage of emerging technologies may acquire the knowledge to get started. Anyone can preview the first section of the book for free on amazon.com.

What Does The e-book Cover?

Jason Hope has been a vocal supporter of disruptive technologies, and the “internet of things” is full of beneficial disruptions. Although disruptive technologies may cause problems for old systems and devices, he reveals how they pave the way for improvements by modifying or replacing old systems. In his book, Jason Hope explains the internet of things and how it is present in modern everyday life. He goes on to explain how disruptions have led to innovations that improved multiple industries and solved problems within them.

In the free preview of the book, Jason Hope also detailed how the internet of things has improved safety through smart home technologies. He encouraged responsibility when developing new ideas for the virtual device network. In addition to providing a clear definition and explanation of the internet of things, his new e-book covers potential avenues for development that may especially interest entrepreneurs who are intrigued with disruptive technologies.

Defining The Internet Of Things

The virtual network includes all types of devices that are connected to the internet and connected to other devices. For example, a person who uses a wearable fitness tracker that has Wi-Fi access may connect that device to communicate with a smart phone. When the wearable fitness tracker is connected to the phone, its data can be sent to an app for syncing. In this example, the quick data transfer saves the individual from having to manually enter movement or workout data.

Today, nearly every device that has a switch can operate using a wireless connection and electricity. Refrigerators, dryers, coffee makers, lighting systems, televisions and even implantable medical devices can connect to the internet for improved functioning. Appliances, smoke alarms, lights and televisions can connect to home monitoring systems through Wi-Fi and can be activated or shut off remotely using a smart phone.

The internet of things is also useful in commercial settings. Companies can use it to cut down on time-consuming tasks. For example, a major fashion company tailors its merchandise suggestions for individual shoppers based on their style preferences. When they enter one of the company’s stores, they use a mobile device to check in. The company immediately sends suggestions to the individual along with aisle locations, and the system is connected to a smart inventory that automatically subtracts sold items and adds more when the company restocks. In addition to reducing markdown rates, it improves the shopping experience and efficiency for customers. The internet of things is useful beyond retail as well. Jet engines, oil drills and major industrial equipment can be connected to the network of smart machines.

The Internet Of Things Will Affect Infrastructure And Commerce

As the retail example in the previous section showed, some tasks can be simplified by technology. Robotic food preparation, order placement, payment processing, concierge, question answering and many other automated tasks are coming in the near future. In a fast-food restaurant, orders could be placed using a kiosk, and the kiosk could communicate with robotic equipment that makes and wraps the food.

Smart cities are already being planned. There are models for smart streets that communicate with devices to display weather signs or driving precautions. They may be able to communicate with the devices of construction crews to provide more useful and accurate information to travelers. Real-time parking garages and spaces could communicate with apps to help people find available parking spots faster. Smart street lighting could lower energy consumption and may adapt based on weather conditions or the time of day. In the medical community, robotic assistants that are filled with vast knowledge could someday help doctors with everything from diagnosing patients to providing better care.

The Internet Of Things Will Affect Consumers

In addition to devices being able to communicate with other devices, people can communicate with other people through them. People can also communicate with devices. When entrepreneurs think about these possibilities, they may find more ways to develop creative ideas. There are still areas of frustration among consumers related to communications, and focusing on improving those pain points could be profitable for innovators. The internet of things can make life more efficient for Americans. For example, a smart car could receive live traffic updates to map the quickest route to work for the driver. Also, many cars now have remote starting capabilities. A smart system could check the current outdoor temperature and automatically adjust the heat or cooling system to make the cabin more comfortable by the time the driver opens the door.

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How Jason Hope Become an IoT Expert

Jason Hope lives in Scottsdale, Arizona, and he grew up in Tempe. He attended Arizona State University for a bachelor’s degree in finance. Jason Hope went on to study at the institution’s W.P. Carey School of Business to earn an MBA. He calls himself a futurist and is especially interested in disruptive technologies that improve life. As an investor, Jason Hope runs a website for extending grants and funding to people who develop technological improvements for education or healthcare.

Since he is passionate about preserving the community around him, Jason Hope donates to several local organizations. Additionally, he has helped several humanitarian charities nationwide. Jason Hope spends time researching technology, healthcare, commerce and education trends. By gaining knowledge in these areas, he can determine which technologies and ideas hold the greatest potential for helping people and are worthwhile investments. Jason Hope is a respected writer and has had multiple technology articles published by reputable tech sites.

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