IoT Designer Encourages Social Consciousness In Consumers

Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino is known in Internet of Things (IoT) circles as the creator of the Goodnight Lamp. Her product uses mobile technology to keep separated families connected. One family member touches their lamp, and it turns on the lamp in another family member’s home, signaling that they are available to chat or just letting loved ones know that they’re on their mind.

Deschamps-Sonsino has said that the inspiration for the lamp was her wishing she had spoken more to her late father when they were continents apart. While Deschamps-Sonsino sees obvious value in her own product, she has concerns about the infiltration of lesser technology into people’s everyday lives.

Deschamps-Sonsino worries that the race for more and more connectivity and the growing demand for instant gratification are contributing to appliance waste. She warns that consumers should be less concerned about “ease of use” and more concerned about “the right thing for the right purpose.”

The designer is currently working on a certification for IoT that would indicate a brand commitment to sustainability. This would ensure that IoT products with that certification could be reused or recycled. Until the industry makes that a standard, Deschamps-Sonsino recommends that people buy only tech that they would want to pass on to the next generation.



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