Internet of Things is Getting Bigger

Internet of Things (IoT) is actually getting bigger and better. And for those who have never heard of this term, Internet of Things is simply a way of using technology to connect everyday devices to the internet so that you can control them with your smartphone, tablet or personal computer.

A few classic examples of how we apply Internet of Things in our daily lives include having a coffee brew while you sleep, closing a garage door while at work, having food delivered from a restaurant automatically and controlling the temperature of your house before you arrive home.

Businesses are not left behind in taking advantage of the conveniences provided by IoT. They are already using it to streamline operations that were formerly time-consuming and complex. Counting inventory manually is now a thing of the past. Accessing customer information has improved dramatically. Companies can now use loyalty cards to know how much they spend, what they spend on and how often.

Small businesses have also taken advantage of Internet of Things to improve operations and customer experience. Most of them have embraced mobile credit card readers to remotely control their security cameras. Some of them have even gone an extra mile to use smart receptionists to attend to customers.

What is Next for Internet of Things?

There are exciting innovations ahead for Internet of Things enthusiasts. According to, the most popular innovations you should expect include teller-assisted automated machines, soil sensors to increase agricultural efficiency and productivity and smart buildings to improve the experience of tenants.

The IoT will even change how municipal settings provide their services. A group of technocrats recently came up with a technology that uses inbuilt sensors and compactors to streamline garbage collection and processing in cities.

The IoT applications at home are also poised for major developments in the coming years. Exciting features such as voice assistant that answers questions and even orders foods, wearable’s and smart kitchen devices are expected to emerge in the coming days.

Another sector that has shown a huge potential for Internet of Things is the automotive industry. It is only a matter of time before we see exciting innovations in our cars. Some car manufacturers already have models with inbuilt Wi-Fis and technologies that inform the drivers of impending problems with their vehicles.

Internet of Things Challenges

Like any other tech, IoT has experienced some challenges. Consumers who do not have a central unit that controls all the devices must manage them through multiple apps. This means they have to make sure every gadget added to the IoT network is compatible, which is frustrating and time-consuming. Companies, on the other hand, have to deal with unending compatibility issues and security concerns when using IoT.



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