How Eric Pulier Rocketed His Way To Success

Eric Pulier is a famous tech entrepreneur, as well as a published author, columnist, philanthropist, public speaker, and more. In addition, he has financially sponsored a significant number of companies. Pulier had been officially recognized by President Clinton in 1996, bringing increased recognition for creating and managing the “Bridge to the 21st Century” as well as his other achievements. But Eric Pulier wasn’t always successful, having worked his way to the top from almost nothing, he perfectly captures the American entrepreneurial dream.

Starting Early

Pulier started his dive into the world of technology as early as the fourth grade, taking a special interest in computers and the computer systems within his elementary school. Pulier utilized his school’s computers in order to further develop his skills in programming. Pulier’s innovation and confidence showed even in these early years, drawing him to thinking and acting like an entrepreneur, always looking for a better way to do things, and always trying to improve the world around him.

It wasn’t too long before Pulier was on his way to Harvard. He had long since mastered the intricacies and concepts of database structures and the importance of their usage within a business setting, even going as far as to found a company specializing in databases while he was still working for nearly nothing at a retail store. Pulier had accomplished all this while the structures and concepts for computer databases were still being defined in the first place, taking center stage in their future development.

The Road to Success

While attending Harvard, Pulier had primarily focused on studying American literature as well as the English language, showing immense potential as the lead editor and writer for the Harvard Crimson. During his time with the Crimson, Pulier showcased his profound intellectual insights as well as his sense of humor. However, after graduating Harvard with a degree in the English language and American literature, Pulier shifted his focus to innovation in the field of technology.

People Doing Things was among Pulier’s first ventures after his arrival in the city of Los Angeles during the early 90s. The organization’s purpose had been the promotion of technology in the fields of healthcare as well as education and many other professions. Shortly afterward, Pulier founded Digital Evolution, merging it with US Interactive within short order, and establishing a platform that would reach a far more broad audience. Pulier continued the trend of founding successful startups during this period, rocketing him on his way to financial success and fame. Some of his more notable ventures included Media Platform, Starbright World, ServiceMesh, Desktone, and Akana. Many of his ventures being wildly successful, Pulier soon found himself more wealthy than he had ever before imagined being.

Ongoing Triumph

On his continuing mission to retain his successful status as a technological entrepreneur and to pursue ventures which meet his goals both for profit as well as charitable reasons. His current project is the foundation and development of a specialized digital asset for usage in the cloud computing field as well as the integration of that asset with mobile devices. The company’s primary purpose is to track purchases of digital assets and products as well as making it easy to trade these products effectively and without hassle in secure online transactions.

Another of his more recent ventures is as Chief Executive Officer of vAtomic Systems. In his constant push towards perfection, his primary focus is to grow and expand the many companies and organizations that he’s founded and to engage meaningfully with the community around him. His belief in perfection applies to those who work with and under him as well, this is shown in great detail with the group of highly experienced and exceptionally qualified individuals chosen to become part of vAtomic. The team is able to digitally manage any item of value, from goods and services to discounts, turning them into fulfilling interactive experiences rooted in the digital as well as physical worlds; the first company to do so in such a revolutionary way.

When asked about his resounding successes in the industry, and how he managed to come up with successful ideas for startup companies time after time, Eric Pulier said that it’s impossible to know when one idea can lead to a new one, but that it’s important to consider every idea. Creativity may stem from the connections between concepts that don’t seem obvious, which can be supported by reading books to gain knowledge on unfamiliar ideas. But most importantly, he said that he holds a strong belief that the production of creative and successful outcomes depends significantly on persistence.

The Gift of Giving

Eric Pulier holds a strong belief in the fact that each and every person is able to reach their full potential through persistence both through the trials and pain that life brings, as well as the goal of bettering oneself. Pulier’s strong philosophy provides a strong sense of motivation as well as inspiration. His belief is that making meaningful contributions to society and humanity as a whole can help to instill a sense of purpose, of peace, and of joy. This belief is strongly accentuated in his tireless dedication to Starbright World, an organization that he had founded in order to safely enable children who have been hospitalized to utilize the power of the internet in order to communicate and reduce isolation.

Starbright World provides this support to children and their families at over seven hundred different healthcare facilities as well as hospitals across the United States. Another of his philanthropic organizations is The Painted Turtle, a camp for children who are suffering from chronic illnesses, providing the possibility to forget their troubles for a time and enjoy life. The organization also provides funding for the medical needs of these children.

Above all, Pulier believes that to be truly successful in life, it’s important to invest in a purpose that you believe, giving the advice that young entrepreneurs should believe that innovation is within the grasp of anyone and everyone who makes it their mission to reinvent ways to experience the world around them, and turn it into a better place.




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