Hot Investments Come by Way of the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is a burgeoning industry in the tech field that insists upon one central idea: the internet will bring us together. This concept is actually a little more detailed in that it insists on the connection of the internet to every day objects. This creative connection is going to fundamentally change how we live our lives going forward. Many people within the tech industry are starting to realize that the Internet of Things might be one of the next great markets to explore. As a result, some of the top tech companies in the world are getting involved. Today we are going to look over several of our favorite businesses investing within the Internet of Things.

Intrepid investors looking at the Internet of Things for inspiration will have a few predictable options to peruse from. Leading the way for IoT based innovation is the company Cisco. Cisco is a networking company that is looking like they will be establishing themselves as an industry leader for years to come with their Internet of Things inspired technology. Cisco, according to internal research, is predicting that there will be nearly 4 networked machines per person by the year 2021. For comparisons sake, in 2016 the average amount of networked devices per person sits at just 2. Cisco is going to lean heavily on new types of network technology such as IPv6 and 5G wireless connections as they push their tech forward into the future.

Our next company to pay attention to is Amazon. Amazon is, of course, one of the largest companies on the planet and they only keep growing. Amazon has been leaning on cloud computing for years now via Amazon Web Services — or AWS for short. AWS accounted for nearly 10% of Amazon’s total income through the first quarter in 2017 but it made up nearly 90% of their total gross profits. The AWS isn’t entirely beholden to the Internet of Things but it definitely leans on it for support.

One of the key aspects that excites people regarding the Internet of Things is the ability to automate as much as possible. That is why savvy investors are turning to Impinj to potentially build up their portfolio. Impinj is a little talked about company that is actually one of the lead innovators in RFID technology. RFID is ‘radio frequency ID’, a type of sensor used to generate and transfer data. You’ll see RFID sensors utilized in pharmacies, railways, and hospitals all over the world. RFID is considered one of the smaller companies on this list, obviously, but they are no less important when it comes to the Internet of Things. In fact, the Internet of Things has reportedly pushed Impinj’s sales up a full 33% this year over their past numbers.

The Internet of Things is an industry that exists on the fringers right now. However, savvy investors are starting to realize that it is all coming back to the mainstream. Getting ahead of the pack can pay huge dividends with the Internet of Things.



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