Comcast Wanting To Implent IoT AI Devices

Comcast will be implementing the latest IoT device in Pittsburg as their new MachineQ AI network system. Machine learning is now becoming an explosive trend in the corporate world and IoT will be at its side. IoT is a very energy efficient class of devices that can be embedded in many aspects of Comcast’s operations.

What is Machine Q?
Machine Q is a proprietary Iot and machine-learning system that is being provided by Comcast. It is one of the biggest IoT services on the market available for enterprises. It is still relatively new and experimental but there has been a huge response in interest from tech companies all over the country. It is set on being a business to business (B2B) service but it is expected that it can be expanded into the consumer market.

MachineQ was tested in other big cities like Chicago and San Francisco with overall positive results. The series of connected devices within the cities helps the city function more efficiently overall. For example, MachineQ devices can be deployed onto bridges so that safety statistics may be monitored. It can also be attached to vehicles to scan faults in the road so that the city can quickly respond to repairs.

When data is collected from this IoT network, the data is sent to cloud storage for the city to automatically or manually review. It is much more efficient to gather reports in this manner so that they do not have to wait on receiving calls.

Currently, MachineQ has mostly clients that are big companies within the tech industry. By 2018, they will have a significant portion of planned projects implented with Pittsburg based entities. They hope to expand to big business, small companies and government in the near future.

Last year, it was announced that Comcast has partnered with Semtech to implement LoRa technology within their experimental MachineQ platform. Lora is an LPWAN that allows IoT devices to be connected to the internet while having a tiny energy footprint. Comcast has since been deploying trials of the technology within their experiments in San Francisco and other cities. Comcast is set off using cellular-based technologies to implement their IoT security and public services to cover a wide area.

Normally, WiFi and Bluetooth are considered to be the main source of data for IoT devices. However, the implementation of low-power cellular data (like LTE or GPRS) can prove to be useful to expand services in the outer edges of cities.



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