5G Technology Makes Jason Hope Optimistic About the Future

5G, or the fifth generation of mobile networking technology, will likely disrupt the Internet of Things and the future of humanity as we know it. Jason Hope and other futurist entrepreneurs are certain that this technology will usher in a new age of better health, rapid communication, and happiness.

What is 5G?

Aside from being the next generation of mobile networks, 5G is an impressive technological development for all people who use Internet-connected devices. Most people in urban and suburban areas use 4G LTE networks. While 4G LTE networks offer fast connections that allow for HD video streaming and quick browsing capabilities, the new 5G technologies are superior. Recent studies suggest that 5G networks are approximately 10 times faster than 4G LTE networks.

With such an advanced mobile data network, the applications of smart technologies and the Internet of Things have expanded. The Internet of Things is a catch-all term for the vast network of hardware and software that interact with each other via the Internet. Computers and mobile devices are obviously part of this Internet of Things, but the extended network also includes smart home devices, such as WiFi-enabled lighting systems, security systems, virtual assistants, and kitchen appliances.

The Internet of Things clearly functions with the current WiFi and 4G LTE technologies that are available in most developed areas of the world, but 5G networks will be a true game-changer.

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The 5G Revolution

Since the 5G networks are expected to be approximately 10 times faster than 4G LTE networks, smart devices will become more effective. This is because the high downloading and uploading speeds of a 5G network can reduce latency problems to very small levels. Latency is the delay gap that occurs when data is transmitted over any distance. In applications like gaming and video streaming, high latency results in lag and buffering. The high-speed 5G networks can deliver packets of data quickly enough for latency to be unnoticeable.

With latency a problem of the past, people will be able to communicate with others instantly. To understand this breakthrough, imagine that you are in San Diego, and you are messaging someone in Beijing via Facebook Messenger. With the old 4G LTE technology, your messages will take several seconds to reach the recipient after you press ‘send’. Messages with video and images typically require even more time to reach the recipient’s device. With a 5G network, the latency practically disappears, and communication becomes instantaneous.

Some skeptics of these developments argue that the high speeds are unnecessary due to WiFi connections. While it is true that WiFi can be faster than the current 4G LTE networks, 5G technology brings the high-speed connections of WiFi to the mobile world. With a 5G data plan, people will be able to enjoy low-latency telecommunications while they are on the move.

5G networks spread across the planet via cell phone towers and satellites are vital for the future envisioned by Jason Hope, Elon Musk, and other futurists. For example, automated cars are expected to take over city streets. To safely navigate city streets, these cars will need to be able to respond to real-time information as quickly as possible. If an obstruction is discovered on the route, the vehicle must be able to change its course to prevent contributing to a traffic jam. A 5G network could ensure that this information is delivered to the automated vehicle before a problem occurs.

This high-speed mobile data network can also move smart home devices beyond the household. The virtual assistant technology behind Amazon Alexa and Google Home may find applications at public information kiosks on streets across the globe. Some futurists also envision a world where government services are managed by 5G-enabled devices.

What Else Can 5G Do?

By now, you should understand that 5G networks bring rapid communication capabilities to everyone with access to the Internet of Things. However, speed is not the only benefit of 5G technologies. Due to some new developments in the organization of communication nodes and some behavioral settings, 5G offers some impressive capabilities for developers.

5G technology boasts considerably more computing power than the fourth generation. In a world of automation, this is important. From stock market modeling to Internet search engines, machine learning is the way of the future. The advance machine learning applications require complex algorithms that can tax a network to its limits. Fortunately, the 5G network developments are helping to build the necessary infrastructure for the future of automation and machine learning. In time, 5G will also give way to networks that can support impressive technological feats like artificial intelligence.

While it is clear that 5G technology is the path to the future, it is also needed to support the world’s present demands. Homes across the globe are quickly upgrading their homes with smart lights, locks, security cameras, and virtual assistants. Current WiFi networks have been able to handle the increased volume of devices, but eventually, 5G data will be needed to keep the networks from becoming overloaded. 5G networks will be able to serve massive communities with thousands of smart devices.

In addition to convenience, 5G technology has the potential to save lives. A network connection is required to use many of the smart health devices in the developed world. Accessible 5G networks can ensure that people are able to use glucose monitors and mobile health equipment in public spaces. Some people also speculate that the breakthroughs in 5G networks could lead to the technologies that will support nanotechnology.

5G Philanthropy

The medical applications of 5G networks are attractive to philanthropist Jason Hope. Jason Hope, the entrepreneur who donated $500,000 to the SENS Foundation, aims to usher in a new age of biotechnology research. With ingenuity and developments in technology, Hope believes that humans can eventually defeat age-related health ailments.

Doubling down on his commitment to eliminate health hardships, Jason Hope supports 5G technology and its many applications in medicine and everyday use. While Hope has conventional beginnings as a finance student at Arizona State University, his current vision is far from ordinary. Futurists often have the foresight to know what is needed to solve tomorrow’s problems, so the world can benefit from bracing Jason Hope and the 5G revolution. Technology is humanity’s only way forward.

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